Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Britney's Tears? Dogs prefer Bach

More bad news for pop's troubled princess: dogs prefer Bach to Britney.
A recent study by Queen’s University in Belfast, looked at the way hundreds of distressed, rescue dogs reacted to different kinds of music. The sound of human voices and pop music by artists like Britney Spears did nothing to calm the stressed dogs down. Heavy metal and grunge music made the dogs even more agitated. When the band Metallica was played, for instance, the dogs started barking loudly.
At the other end of the scale, however, the scientists discovered that dogs relaxed and enjoyed themselves most when they were played classical music. Naturally, they liked the sound of Bach in particular.

Bach yes, barking no. The excessive noise in animal shelters, where the sound of dogs can be louder than that of a jackhammer can "physically stress dogs and lead to behavioural, physiological and anatomical responses” another study has concluded, however.

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